NorthStar Hospitality

Through realizing your goals, we realize our goals!

As an owner, you will have available our all encompassing management services, which will allow you to realize your investment at its fullest capacity. We guarantee to operate every hotel as our own investment.

Property Management

The day-to-day management of operation is supervised by our corporate staff. We provide a complete combination of services to include, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Capital and Financial Management. Our monthly reporting systems provide the owners with timely pertinent operations information and critical financial data.

Budget Planning

Our corporate team will integrate an operational and sales working budget for your hotel. We set clearly defined goals for the operations team at the hotel in order to increase sales and profit at your location. Our approach is, together with the owner, to strategically position your hotel in the market to maximize revenue and boost the profitability of your location.

Market Analysis & Feasibility

We offer our owners market research analysis with practical information to include recommendations that prepare an owner to make critical informed decisions.

3rd Party Hotel Management

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